Sunday, February 22, 2009

Odds, ends, and green words

So I've completed one week on here and what I can say at the very least, is this has gotten the writing juices flowing. And I am pretty happy about that. I've got loads of ideas about what to write, but for most of my posts here, I will try to keep it to what I've experienced or am experiencing through my travels, and will try to not blather on, on just any topic (as many of you know I can).

My other goal for this blog is to shorten things up. I am known for being a tad long-winded in just about everything I do - emails and meetings are where I aggravate most - and am attempting to NOT add blogging. There is a wonderful function on this blogging thingy that allows me to hyperlink my text, which basically means, if you see a word in my blog that is green, you can click on it and it will take you to another web page to give more detail, should you desire. This should help shorten things up considerably and help me with my need to explain every little thing - twice.

BUT, having said that, I will end this week and this entry, with some comments about one of my first entries (hey, I'm taking baby steps).

In the days that followed Ontario's Family Day there was at least one article stating the loss of productivity as a result of this day off. There were also comments from readers talking about the negative effect the holidays have, as they "had to make people work". While I am all for productivity, the truth is, we live in a time at the highest levels of production in history, and where has it gotten us?

Sure we've got floors that heat up (standard in most Korean apartments), but we also have a technological world on hyper-speed with things like cell phones, blackberries, and now twitter (I really have no idea what this is, but my man Chris explains it quite eloquently....but I still don't quite understand why). We also have cameras that can take a photo of every single person in a pretty large area - this is a photo of Obama's inauguration, zoom in, and give it a sec, it's crazy. YOU CAN SEE EVERYONE!! I can somewhat understand the reason behind this technology but it worries me no less.

And if it does cost you too much to be open on such a day because of the justifiable increase in wages you have to pay, then close. And if you do have to be open, then paying your employees more shouldn't be a worry as you are open because you are making money.

So to everyone, I say, slow down. Relax. Breathe.

And if it weren't for holidays like the Family Day, we'd miss out on good times with our family and gems like this, which are truly needed in "These Economic Times".


  1. Tomorrow an NDP MP tables a bill for a federal holiday in February, the third friday of the month, to be "Hockey Day in Canada." We could have two holidays next year! But it probably won't pass.

  2. Can't see there being two holidays given in one month that don't have much historical relevance...but we can hope. Ideally we could all just take February's the shortest, @#$%-iest month anyways. Maybe they'll make Hockey Day February's holiday, and move Family Day to June when families can actually go outside without freezing their butts off.