Sunday, April 19, 2009

#6 - The Dragonfly Inn

Alright, for the two people who seem to be regular readers, things are going to be coming at you fast and furious over the next 10 days as I try to complete this top ten thingy we got going as well put in some final thoughts about our time here in Korea.

Hope you continue to enjoy.
And this brings us to number six...

You know that dream where you are opening up a hostel in an amazing setting, and generally living the life? Ya that one. Throw away the stresses of working for someone else, be your own boss and do your own thing. A great thought, especially while on vacation tipping back a few. But it is rare when someone actually acts on that dream, and when they do, you just have to admire their willingness to do something they believe will make them happy - of course opening and running your own hostel is actually an incredible amount of work, but we're going to stick with the romanticism of it all and not the practicalities.

To have a vision, act on that vision and see it through to fruition is a lesson I hope I can emulate as I continue along my journey. But when that dream and vision is this....

....well, it leaves me awestruck.
A beautiful building that is both luxurious and welcoming, in an Ecuadorian valley town found in a cloud forest on a river, that attracts birds, butterflies and other beautiful creatures -

- it is all enough to make someone never want to leave.

Aside from the incredible lay out and the beautiful location, the reason The Dragonfly makes the list is because of the times we had inside. We celebrated openings, births and imminent weddings. We drank, and sang, and danced. And most of all, we laughed!

Good friends and good times...all worth dreaming about, and an easy addition to the top ten! And as those good times continue down through the years, as they have this year, it leaves me longing for a return, but even happier in the knowledge someone has done something they've always wanted to, and it's brought happiness to them, their families and so many others.
Well done Todd, Lorena and of course Raycito!! And thanks!

Finally, if you would like to read more about the place, a really talented writer wrote a little piece about it here.

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