Sunday, February 15, 2009

First crack

Have been thinking about adding my voice to the millions already out there for some time now, and so this is the result - The View From Here.

Loads of people, each day share their opinion, righlty or wrongly, about everything and I thought it was high time I got in on the act. Will I be any different from anyone else? Hard to say at this point.

There is not going to be one single theme that runs through the blog, but I hope to write on all subjects from my limited point of view.

Truly what I hope this blog turns out to be is something that entertains and maybe even enlightens you on a semi-regular basis. But mostly, I hope it is something that entertains and enlightens ME on a semi-regular basis.

See, I am in the process of trying to get a book started, and am hoping this blog and the writing required to keep it going, will get those writing juices going once again, to get me started on what should surely be an interesting journey of getting my thoughts down in a way that others will actually want to read them from time to time. (Holy run on sentence, Bat Man...this could be a very brief experiment!!)

So enjoy, and please, comment/suggest/critique. Let me know what you think. My hope is to evolve as a writer and a thinker.


  1. Maybe that run-on could be attributed to the fact that you are writing at 2:25 AM!!!!! Miss you D.

  2. Yeah! John Dinner! Wooo Hoooo!

  3. I wish I could, but 2:25 am here is actually almost 4:30 in the afternoon here. What I will blame it on is having sat through the NBA All-star dunk production, err, competition (Rudy Fernandes got jobbed) with Korean commentary. I miss you too Booby!

    Yeah! Erin Henkels!! You rule!